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Lower Fraser Valley Chilliwack to Vancouver Interurban


Image of a Tram-Train on the proposed Interurban


There has long been a sentiment among the populace of the Fraser Valley to bring back the interurban passenger rail service that was suspended in 1950.


In August 2007, a valley-wide movement initially emerging out of Chilliwack, Rail for the Valley was formed. RftV resonated with residents along the Fraser Valley, and was very active, putting on many public forums, community and valley-wide actions, and acting as a vocal advocate in the media for interurban passenger rail. 


In the following years, politicians took note, and the South of Fraser Rail Task Force was formed by Langley Township Mayor Rick Green in 2009.

 Leewood Projects Ltd have undertaken:

Project concept, proposal and scheme assessment and appraisal


Preparation of management proposal and report

Evaluation of Project systems integration requirements

Proposal of Assurance, Compliance and Safety Case requirements

Evaluation & assertion of operational operating parameters

Chilliwack to Surrey Interurban Tram-Train route



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